Draft Inducer Motor

Have you been told you need a new draft inducer motor or draft inducer assembly? If you have, you most definitely need to replace it before your furnace will work again. The draft inducer assembly is a key component part to the furnace system. It is the fan that pulls the exhaust fumes and heat through the heat exchanger and forces it out the flue. Without the induced draft motor, your furnace will not run properly and can be a risk for carbon monoxide buildup.


When the induced draft assembly is made of steel or metals such as the one pictured above, they have a tendency to develop rust and wear out. Replacing the draft inducer motor and assembly is the only way your furnace will be operational again. Sometimes these repairs can be pricy.

How much can I expect to pay to replace my draft inducer assembly?

Depending on the model and the manufacturer, expect to pay between $500 and $800 for residential gas furnaces. Some name brands tend to be on the higher priced end while others use universal replacement motors and assemblies from Fasco and others and can cost on the lower end. Check with your local HVAC repairman to get a quote on the cost to replace your draft inducer assembly.

If you are in the Raleigh North Carolina Area, give us a call for a second opinion or a competitive quote.

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4 thoughts on “Draft Inducer Motor”

    1. It depends. I’ve seen some older York do the same sop the factory redesigned the flue box cover plate and resolved the noise. It isn’t necessarily the inducer motor in all cases.

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