R22 Phase out

If you have been living with a refrigerant leak and your air conditioner contains R22, it’s about time you got that old junk replaced. In the last 4 years, R22 prices have more than quadrupled and and are expected to go up 50%-100% more by the end of summer. Most distributors are only allowing the purchase of one tank at a time to the HVAC service companies.

Some have offered drop-in replacements but the variety of 4531535_sreplacements out there make the task of servicing the unit 10 times harder if you do not know which replacement the previous technician used. Mixing the replacement refrigerants can further damage your system.

If you have not changed to a new system in the last 15 years, start getting your wallets out. The new systems will come with a bit of a sticker shock to most consumers. Expect to pay from $6000 to $8000 just for the entry level systems.

Check out our web site for more information on refrigerant leaks or new systems.

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