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Is the new 2012 Nest Thermostat or the ecobee Smart Si a better choice for a new HVAC system?

I’m trying to decide what smart thermostat to get for a new system, and the Nest and the ecobee are the most appealing products I’ve found so far.  Most of the problems I’ve read about with Nest systems are in cases where there’s no C wire providing power and so the battery runs down; however, in a new system I can just make sure I do run a C wire so I shouldn’t have any of that type of problem.

So what other considerations should lead me one way or the other?

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WHOA! Just because you run a C wire doesn’t mean the thermostat is capable of using that C wire. Note that the batteries (if only two) are only about 3 volts. The R/C combo is 24 volts and may fry your thermostat. The function of the thermostat is just to turn on and off a switch at the appropriate temperature. So all the bells and whistles are the sales tools to get you to buy their brand. My recommendation is a good quality programmable thermostat so you can adjust temperature while at work or at night and save a few bucks each month. If you’re a tech gadget kinda guy, like me, then the Nest is pretty cool from a gadget perspective. The main function is no different than the old mercury switches of long ago; It opens and closes a circuit. – Frank Alexander