Air Conditioner Capacitors


Have you had an air conditioning company replace a capacitor recently? Have you ever wondered ‘how can I tell if the air conditioning capacitor really needed to be replaced?’ This video will show you one way to visibly tell if an ac capacitor has failed. This is not always the case, but if you do see your capacitor looking like this then it definitely has failed. Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning knows air conditioning troubleshooting and replacing a capacitor is always a common question from the homeowner. Warning: hvac capacitors hold an electric charge equal to the high voltage connected to it and can be a severe shock hazard. Do not touch the capacitor. So next time you are wondering what are some of the bad ac capacitor symptoms, you now have one of the most common symptoms to check.

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8 thoughts on “Air Conditioner Capacitors”

  1. My outside unit doesn’t kick on when I turn the air on inside. Unit in the attic runs and is blowing air but my outside unit will randomly start up and run for about 30 seconds and then stop. Have a buddy that thinks it’s the capacitor???

    1. Sounds to me that it may be the capacitor but I am leaning towards a low pressure switch shutting it down. That may mean you are low on refrigerant and the unit is turning off to protect the compressor. Have it checked out immediately.

  2. hello HVAC GUY…….. my ac seems to work fine for about 3-4 hours then it begins to blow very low room temperature air, I immediately shut it off the unit for about 20-30 minutes, I turn it back on and it does the same thing all over again……it does this with both a/c cold air, and heater mode….do you think its the capacitor? I was just wondering before I purchase the capacitor….or call a technician…thank u

    1. It does not sound like a capacitor. It sounds like the system has another more complicated problem. With it running 20-30 minutes is it reaching the set temperature in the house? 20-30 minutes seems like a good run cycle. Check your filters. They need to be replaced if dirty. There are several safety controls that would shut off a unit after it has begun running but most of them would trigger within 5 minutes. 20-30 sounds like the compressor is over-heating.

      1. Well it looks like I don’t even have a filter on my York furnace… Lol is there more filters anywhere else? What do u think is the problem now since I don’t even have a filter….

      2. No filter there either……I can’t belive It’s been running like this 4 years… You think blower got messed up? Now my heater won’t even blow hot air?

      3. Yes running the furnace without a filter will “mess” it up. Filters are there to help protect the equipment as well as clean the air. Dirt builds up on the motor bearings and wears out the motors. It also builds up on the insulation and fan blades restricting the air flow. The build up on the fan blades will also put additional stress on the fan motor. It is a sure way to shorten the life of your indoor blower motors.

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